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AustCham Shanghai is delighted to be holding a Women in Business Industry Forum on Thursday, June 20th. The overarching topic will focus on Beyond Borders:Journey of Women Navigate Career and Personal Life. It will be accessible to all AustCham Shanghai members.


In modern society, women often juggle multiple roles. In the workplace, they are leaders or colleagues who face various work challenges and pressures. At home, they take on the roles of mothers and wives, bearing various responsibilities. This constant shift between roles can make their lives hectic and increases stress levels. Finding ways to relieve stress amidst their busy lives is an important topic for many women.


We appreciate the support of Mindfront, Member of AustCham Shanghai, for this event. We have specially invited Mindfront's expert consultant, Zhikang Chen, to speak on "Identifying and Helping Common Psychological Issues in Women." After the presentation, counselor Lily Long will provide an aromatherapy session for the participants.

感谢商会会员Mindfront对此次活动的大力支持,我们特别邀请了Mindfront的咨询顾问专家陈志康带来以"女性常见心理问题的识别与帮助"为主题的分享,并在结束后由咨询师Lily Long为参与观众进行一场芳香疗法的体验。

Aromatherapy, a method of improving mental and physical well-being through plant essential oils, has gained significant attention in recent years for its natural and effective benefits. This will be a unique opportunity for you to personally experience the wonders of aromatherapy and learn how to reduce stress and relax your mind and body naturally.


Our guest speakers featured: Sara Shang, Managing Director of Greater China at Le Cordon Bleu, world-renowned culinary arts and hospitality management institute. Karen Chen, CEO at NEY International, a cross-regional, multi-industry group.

我们的特邀发言人包括世界著名的烹饪艺术和酒店管理学院-法国蓝带学院(上海)的总裁Sara Shang 和跨区域、跨行业的综合性服务集团-上海新东苑投资集团有限公司的总裁 Karen Chen。

The event is part of a series of activities brought to you by the Women in Business Industry

Forum, which aims to provide the latest market updates and networking opportunities for

Members in the industries.



The Women in Business Industry Forum is chaired by Sara Shang, Managing Director at Le

Cordon Bleu.

女性领袖行业论坛由法国蓝带学院(上海)总裁 Sara Shang 担任主席。

Topic 主题

Beyond Borders:Journey of Women Navigate Career and Personal Life


Seats are limited. AustCham Shanghai will send a confirmation after review and approval.


This industry forum is open to AustCham Shanghai members to keep our community informed and connected.


To stay informed about the latest developments in the Women in Business Industry and network with professionals sharing similar interests, please feel free to contact for updates on our upcoming activities related to the Women in Business Industry Forum.



Karen Chen

CEO of 上海新东苑投资集团有限公司

Zhikang Chen

Expert Consultant at Mindfront

Sara Shang

Managing Director of Le Cordon Bleu


Mindfront Jing'an Clinic
Mindfront Jing'an Clinic - 18th Floor, Crystal Plaza, No. 68 Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District
上海曼朗心理静安门诊中心 - 静安区愚园路68号晶品中心18层


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