Join us for an exclusive deep-dive into the evolving Chinese consumer market, tailored for Victorian exporters looking to expand their reach and maximise their impact in one of the world's most dynamic markets.

Global Victoria, together with Agriculture Victoria is excited to launch the 2024 Vic House Expo, to be held from 1-2 August 2024 at Vic House, the Victorian Government's innovative in-market food, beverage and consumer goods promotional facility in Shanghai, China.

To kick off the Expo, we invite you to join our exclusive webinar on Wednesday 26 June and deep-dive into one of the world's fastest-evolving consumer markets. We have invited leading retail, distributor and China market entry experts to provide exporters with an overview of the new Chinese consumer market, including key demographics, purchasing behaviours, cultural preferences and the latest market shifts.

What types of businesses should attend?

All Victorian companies exporting to, or planning on exporting to China are encouraged to register.

Why you should attend

China is one of Victoria's strongest markets for export growth. New and emerging opportunities for Victorian businesses continue to grow as the Chinese economy diversifies into new consumer segments.

What you'll learn:

  • Key Demographics: Understand who the modern Chinese consumer is and how to target them effectively.
  • Purchasing Behaviours: Dive into the buying habits and preferences that drive sales in China.
  • Cultural Preferences: Learn how to tailor your products to resonate with Chinese cultural values.
  • Market Shifts: Analyse the significant changes from pre-COVID to post-COVID and what it means for your business.
  • Distributor Insights: Discover what Chinese distributors, retailers, and channels are seeking in products and brands.

About Vic House

Vic House is the Victorian Government's innovative in-market promotional facility in Shanghai, developed to showcase Victoria's broad agricultural, food and beverage and Beauty, Wellness and Personal Care (BWPC) capabilities to the state's largest global export partner, China.

Vic House is currently home to almost 200 companies, displaying a range of quality Victorian products.

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