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AustCham is delighted to invite you to join a one-day tour to the World Artificial Intelligence Conference ("WAIC") on 6 July 2023.

Organized by Chinese Central Government and Shanghai Municipal Government, WAIC is one of the largest technology themed conference and exhibition in China of the year. The total exhibition area will be 50,000 sqm, with 100+ forums, 1300+ speakers and 400+ exhibitor.

AustCham Shanghai is proud to host a 54 sqm Australian Pavilion in the coming WAIC, to showcase 7 exhibitors covering Medical Technology, MetaVerse and Digital Equipment areas. Detailed information of the exhibitors can be found below.

It is a perfect way to learn about Australian cutting edge technology and meet with world leading companies in AI related industries.

Venue: Shanghai Expo Convention Center

Date: 6 July 2023


8:30am Shuttle Bus departs from AustCham Shanghai Office (optional)

(Please arrive 80 PingWu Road at 8:30, we will depart promptly at 8:45)

9:30am Registration

(For participants who are not taking our shuttle bus please meet at registration counter in Shanghai Expo Convention Centre at 9:30am)

10:00am Australian Focused Conference "Evolution of Australia's digitalization technology in China - MedTech, MetaVerse and Digital Equipment"

12:00pm Lunch break (Lunch box provided inside Expo site)

1:00pm Site tour of WAIC expo, guided by organiser

3:00pm Photo and free time

4:00pm Shuttle Bus departs from Expo to AustCham Office

Ticket: RMB 100 including access to above program, a Western style lunch box and shuttle services to and from Shanghai Expo Convention Center and AustCham Shanghai Office. Please kindly scan below QR code for ticket purchase.

For any further esquires, please feel free to contact Judy Zhu, Senior Relationship Manager,

Australian Pavilion Exhibitors Introduction:

X Space

xSpaces is a leading global AI-based metaverse service platform that rapidly constructs personalized metaverse spaces and service facilities for clients. The xSpaces platform integrates 3DXR visualization technology, spatial audio technology, motion capture technology, virtual character technology, rapid 3D modeling and rendering technology, artificial intelligence technology, cross-platform synchronization technology, multimedia playback, and audio-video live streaming and on-demand technologies. It assists businesses in creating metaverse galleries, museums, academies, conference rooms, corporate exhibition halls, as well as organizing various metaverse events such as exhibitions, forums, salons, press conferences, and fashion shows.


SME Technology

SME Technology combines advanced bio-patch technology with AI capabilities which enable individuals take proactive control of their health with the aid of cutting-edge artificial intelligence-driven technology and innovative bio-patch solutions. By combining advanced bio-patch technology with AI capabilities, SME Technology dedicated to improving patients' health outcomes and forging new pathways in chronic disease management.

SME Technology致力于通过前沿的人工智能驱动技术和创新的生物贴片,帮助个人主动管理健康,特别是在慢性疾病管理方面。SME Technology的人工智能算法可以提供个性化的治疗建议和持续的健康指南,并为慢性疾病管理开辟新的道路,助力人们过上更健康、更有活力的生活。

Equiprise Corporation

The company focuses on empowering special machinery and equipment digitization through emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and digital twins. The company helps to empower traditional industries such as engineering, construction, iron and steel, ship building, chemical factories, and to assist those industries in green and low-carbon development, as well as digital transformation.

Equiprise Corporation于杭州的公司燚璞锐科技(江苏)有限公司专注于特种机械设备智能驾驶领域,通过结合⼈⼯智能、物联⽹、数字孪⽣等新兴技术赋能⼯程建设、钢铁、造船⼚、钢铁⼚、化⼯⼚等传统⾏业,助⼒产业的绿⾊低碳转型和智能化升级。


Bioclub is an innovative service platform that provides entrepreneurs in the medical and health industry with value-added services and solutions for the entire path of entrepreneurship, and is committed to creating a new business model of the medical and health innovative industry community that integrates online and offline and is driven by the Bioclub Dual Cycle mode. Bioclub is one of the first batch of makerspaces incorporated into the incubator management system by the Ministry of Science and Technology, a national technology transfer demonstration institution, and an international science and technology cooperation base in Zhejiang Province. Bioclub has professional qualifications for technology incubation and transformation and transfer of technological achievements.


Hangzhou KeJiaAo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

KeJiaAo provides digital services for biopharmaceutical companies, including enterprise brain, intelligent drug design and screening, and digital supply chain SaaS platform. KeJiaAo is developing a number of products such as enterprise database in the medical and health industry, AI enterprise smart brain, digital industrial park management system, domestic raw material substitution platform, etc., to help enterprises improve operational efficiency from various dimensions.

杭州科加奥网络科技有限公司为生物医药企业提供数字化服务,包含企业大脑、智能药物设计及筛选、数字化供应链SaaS 平台。科加奥正在开发医疗大健康行业企业数据库、AI企业智慧大脑、数字园区管理系统、国产原料替代平台等多个产品,从各个维度帮助企业提升运营效率。


PAKINAX Pty Ltd is an oncology research company with headquarter in Melbourne, Australia. The company develops new chemical agents for treating unmet health diseases such as pancreatic cancer. The company's lead project PKX-227 that was developed to inhibit kinase protein (PAK4) involved in cancer growth.

PAKINAX Pty Ltd 是一家总部位于澳大利亚墨尔本的肿瘤研究公司,开发用于治疗未满足的健康疾病(如胰腺癌)的新化学 制剂。其主导项目PKX-227旨在抑制参与癌症生长的激酶蛋白 (PAK4)。

Shanghai Tuoxiao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tuoxiao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2015, dedicated to the research and operation of an intelligent diagnosis system for heart and lung auscultation. Our intelligent auscultation system includes electronic stethoscope, artificial intelligence algorithm and cloud big data platform, which can automatically analyze heart and lung sounds through artificial intelligence algorithm for pneumonia, asthma and congenital heart disease for auxiliary diagnosis. At present, the product has been piloted for screening congenital heart disease in multiple children's hospitals and maternal and child health centers.



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