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Join us on Monday the 24th of June for an exclusive Managing Director's Lunch with Michael Chou, Partner & Head of China of Templewater, at member venue Kimpton Qiantan Shanghai.


Templewater, a Hong Kong-based private equity firm that controls the city's largest public bus operations and aims to have a zero-emission fleet by 2045, recently joined BP in leading a US$111 million fundraising round for the Australian green hydrogen start-up Hysata to scale up its facilities in Wollongong, New South Wales.


Topic: From Brown to Green - What's for China and Australia

主题:走向绿色 - 中国与澳大利亚的未来

Join Michael Chou to gain insights from his expertise in new energy investments and to discuss the global opportunities and challenges facing this sector in the future.


About Templewater

Templewater is a spin-off of Investec Group's Principal Investment Division in Asia continuing the heritage of Investec Group.


Templewater specializes in three investment strategies: Real Estate, Impact Investment, and Private Equity, and manages AUM of over US$1.5b.


The key value proposition for each strategy:


1. Real Estate 房地产:

Unlock value in real assets across Australia and New Zealand to generate sustainable and risk-adjusted returns. A partnership with a common Investec Group heritage between Templewater and Irongate Group.

在澳大利亚和新西兰的真实资产中发掘价值,以产生可持续且经过风险调整的回报。与善水资本和Irongate Group共享天达集团的共同传统的合作伙伴关系。

✓ Selective Investment – Rundle Place

选择性投资 – Rundle Place

  • Adelaide CBD Premium Retail Shopping Centre


  • A value-add opportunity to purchase a 23,243m2 premium retail shopping centre in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, for below land value and replacement cost.
  • 以低于土地价值和替换成本的价格购买位于阿德莱德中央商务区的23,243平方米的高端零售购物中心。

2. Impact Investing 影响力投资:

Utilize Templewater's proven, deep diligence, value-added approach to build great mission-driven companies that deliver attractive financial returns alongside societal, environmental and technological impact.


✓ Selective Investment – Hysata

选择性投资 – Hysata

  • Hysata has developed the world's most efficient electrolyzer to reduce the levelized cost of hydrogen and marks Templewater's first investment into upstream technologies for hydrogen production.
  • Hysata开发了世界上最高效的电解器,以降低氢气的平准化成本,并标志着善水资本首次投资于氢气生产的上游技术。
  • Templewater is a co-lead alongside BP Ventures and Vestas Ventures for Hysata's Series B raise and will work with Hysata's team to bring their product to a commercial scale for international markets.
  • 善水资本与BP Ventures和Vestas Ventures共同领导Hysata的B轮融资,并将与Hysata团队合作,将其产品商业化以进入国际市场。

3. Private Equity 私募股权:

Asia Pacific focused and cross-border opportunities with an Asia angle. Invests in high-quality businesses with proven business models and revenue to help them develop full potential through active-ownership and value creation over and above the capital provided.


✓ Selective Investment – Wisdom Motor

选择性投资 – 威驰腾汽车

  • Wisdom Motor, a leading designer and manufacturer of zero-emission commercial vehicles, has partnered with Ballard Power Systems and Templewater to advance hydrogen technology in their products. The company signed a $63 million contract to export 147 hydrogen fuel cell waste management trucks to Australia and delivered the first 40-ton hydrogen truck to PepsiCo Australia. Additionally, Wisdom secured an order for 100 electric minibusses in New South Wales, marking significant milestones in their expansion into the Australian market.
  • 威驰腾汽车是一家领先的零排放商用车设计和制造商,已与巴拉德电力系统公司和善水资本合作,在其产品中推进氢技术。公司签订了一份6300万美元的合同,向澳大利亚出口147辆氢燃料电池垃圾管理卡车,并向澳大利亚百事公司交付了首辆40吨氢卡车。此外,威驰腾汽车还在新南威尔士州获得了100辆电动小巴的订单,标志着其在澳大利亚市场扩展的重要里程碑。

Recently, Hong Kong's Templewater, BP unit led US$111 million fundraising for Australian green hydrogen start-up Hysata


Templewater and BP Ventures to invest US$10 million each to help Hysata scale up its facilities in Wollongong, New South Wales

善水资本和BP Ventures各投资1000万美元,帮助Hysata扩大其在新南威尔士州伍伦贡的设施。

Hong Kong private equity firm, which controls the city's largest public bus operations, aims to have a zero-emission fleet by 2045.


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Michael Chou

Partner & Head of China at Templewater


Copper Room, Level 2,Kimption Qiantan Shanghai, Block 9 Lane 199 Qiantan Avenue , Pudong District, Shanghai
上海市浦东新区前滩大道199弄9号上海金普顿前滩酒店2楼Sliver Room
Shanghai, 上海, China

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