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Professional Microsoft Office Trainer Nadine Yu will be providing a half day interactive Microsoft Excel intermediate training course. Aimed at financial, sales, marketing, HR, and operations professionals, attendees will learn how to manipulate data, calculate a variety of outcomes smartly, and analyze data to produce results that various professionals may need. This course will introduce the intermediate to advanced Excel techniques empowering participants to further utilize Excel's powerful features to handle different statements.

This course will be taught in English by a bilingual trainer and is part one of a two part series.

What You Will Learn:

单元 1: 公式和格式

创建公式和函数,使用粘贴函数,自动求和,填充命令,绝对引用,格式化数值,使用列表样式,使用 条件格式

Module 1: Formulas and Formats

Create a Formula, Functions, Use the Formula Palette, Use AutoSum, Fill Commands, Absolute References, Format Values, Use Table Style, Use Conditional Formatting

单元 2: 图表

创建图表,编辑图表,不同图表类型的使用, 保存图表模板

Module 2: Charts

Create Chart, Edit a Chart, Use of Different Chart Types, Save Chart Template

单元 3: 数据库入门


Module 3: Database Basics

Create and Filter a Database, Sort and Name a Range, Subtotal

单元 4: 数据库管理


Module 4: Data Analysis

Database Functions, Financial Functions, Import and Export Data, Create a PivotTable/ PivotChart Repor

At Course Completion:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Sort and filter financial figures
  • Manage and audit spreadsheets
  • Visualise data
  • Use database functions, information functions, lookup functions, logical functions to handle large amount of data stored in Excel
  • Use automating tools to create dashboards and better analyse data

Please bring your own laptop!

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