On June 27th, AustCham Shanghai's Education & Training Industry Forum, in partnership with the Creative & Marketing Industry Forum, will host a Forum Event, the overarching topic will focus on Adapting to the New Normal for Social Media. It will be accessible to all members.


While traditional social media platforms still hold significant influence, emerging platforms like Xiaohongshu and Douyin, with their trendy and youthful user bases, have become new hotspots for business promotion. It is crucial for companies to deeply understand the audience characteristics and content preferences of each platform, customizing their promotional content accordingly. This approach ensures effective brand value communication and broader audience reach across different platforms.


Traditional industries like education also need to adjust their strategies to cater to different audience. Whether it's international schools or universities, they should tailor content for different platforms to attract and retain the interest of students and parents. How to leverage emerging social media platforms to establish deep connections with their audience is a key consideration for the education sector when it comes to promotion.


The event is part of a series of activities brought to you by the Education & Training Industry Forum and the Creative & Marketing Industry Forum, which aims to provide the latest market updates and networking opportunities for Members.


Education & Training Industry Forum is Chaired by Michael Milne, Executive Director at The University of Sydney Center in China

教育培训行业论坛由悉尼大学中国中心主任 Michael Milne 担任主席。

Creative & Marketing Industry Forum is Chaired by Ryan Molloy, CEO at Redfern Digital.

营销与创意行业论坛由RedFern Digital的CEO Ryan Molloy 担任主席。



1. Transitioning from traditional to new social media platforms

2. Tailoring content strategies for various online channels

3. Implementing cost-effective solutions for digital engagement

1. 从传统社交媒体平台向新社交媒体平台过渡

2. 为各种在线渠道量身定制内容策略

3. 实施具有成本效益的数字互动解决方案

This industry forum is open to AustCham Shanghai members to keep our community informed and connected.


Seats are limited. AustCham Shanghai will send a confirmation after review and approval.



Yvonne Fan

Strategic Partner Director of BE Education Group

Lucia Huang

Digital Engagement and Recruitment Manager, China at The University of Western Australia

Ryan Molloy

CEO of Redfern Digital

Michelle Wang

Country Head, China, at The University of Western Australia


MEL BOURNE Brunch&Bistro,No. 83, Fumin Road, Jing’an District
上海, shanghai, China

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